Elements in pre-stressed Gneiss

Large dimensions

To overcome limitations imposed by the size of natural stone elements and to produce large slabs, we assemble elements in pre-stressed Gneiss by using resins.



Owing to the assembly of several elements directly in the laboratory, the on-site installation time is reduced.


High-load capacity

The pre-stressed stone slabs with large, clear openings have a minimum thickness, which results in reduced overall dimensions and therefore provides a space-saving solution.


High resistance to atmospheric agents

Thanks to to the unique characteristics of our Gneiss, the pre-stressed elements have excellent resistance even under adverse conditions, like in the presence of moisture and salts. An example could be the flat arch of tunnels, bridges or walkways. In these environments, reinforced concrete structures would require greater maintenance.


Ductile damage

Pre-stressed stone elements reduce the risks associated with brittle breakage, typical of natural stones. This allows us to renew ancient construction techniques of structures typical of Canton Ticino and northern Italy culture, like balconies, footbridges and floors, and reinterpret classical typologies in a modern context.

Realizzazione di un elemento precompresso

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