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Terms & Conditions

Our written offers, as well as the order confirmations accompanied by this letter represent the contractual commitment for our supplies. We kindly invite you to examine carefully all the measurements, processing and quantities, as well as technical data before confirming the order. The following conditions also apply to deliveries from our stock that do not require an order confirmation.


Pricing can vary depending on the market conditions. The prices are specific for goods loaded on trucks at Cresciano quarry, and are not subject to V.A.T. Prices quoted do not include carriage or packaging, these shall be calculated separately.


The EUR pallets are to be exchanged or returned immediately by the company commissioned for the transport. If the exchange or return has not taken place, Ongaro & Co SA shall charge an extra cost of Fr. 26 .- / pc. Disposable pallets shall be invoiced at Fr. 15 .- / pc.

Delivery and Transportation
The customer bears the full risk and responsibility of the transportation of the goods and the unloading of these upon delivery. Any specific insurance must be stipulated by the customer. We invite you to examine the goods upon delivery for any damage due to transport. The damage must be registered and signed by the carrier. The transport company is responsible for any damage caused during the delivery process. In case of any damage, our company must be informed immediately.


The goods must be inspected immediately on arrival. Complaints regarding quantity, quality or processing must be notified to us in writing within 8 days after receiving of the goods. Contested pieces must not be laid. Any complains notified later than 8 days from receptions or laying of the materials, shall not be considered. Variations in color or structure from the samples shown cannot be contested, as each piece of natural stone is unique; it is characteristic of the nature of the material and is beyond our control (SIA Standard 246, 2006). 

Terms of Payment

The terms of payment are mentioned in offers and order confirmations. Generally, invoices should be paid within 30 days from the supply. Other special conditions must be agreed in writing. Ongaro & Co SA reserves the right to charge default interest at 5% in case the payment of the invoice has not been received by the due date. If the above mentioned are not complied, without prejudice to any other right or remedy of Ongaro & Co SA, Ongaro & Co SA shall be entitled to cancel the contract or suspend any further deliveries under the contract. If the goods have been delivered but the invoice not paid, the invoice shall become immediately payable.

Retention of Titles

The goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of the company Ongaro & Co SA until the full payment of the invoice, within the agreed deadline.

Court of Jurisdiction

Court of Jurisdiction is located in Biasca TI.

Ongaro Graniti

Ongaro & Co SA
6705 Cresciano – Switzerland

tel +41 91 863 14 54 | fax +41 91 863 17 10

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